About the Photographer…

Photography has long been a passion of mine. A few years back I decided to leave the world of hospitality management and follow a more personally rewarding path. This led me to study photojournalism and move to San Diego, a beautiful city with endless picture perfect moments. Here I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from some amazing photographers working in various areas of the industry.


Photography is about finding the natural moments in any situation. To me, great photography combines the technical skill of capturing light with an understanding of people and an eye for moments. Whether creating picture of a winning touchdown or a tender moment between a bride and groom, both require forethought, compassion and the right lens.

I am available for weddings, social events, photo booths, portraits, fashion, editorial and action based assignments. Please call or contact me at caseyLORZphoto for rates and availability.

If your interested in learning more about photography check out my user friendly infographic on “How to use a DSLR like a PRO

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